Rakan Mid is showing promise as a strong late game pick

With his powerful engage and Ap scaling burst potential, MID Rakan has the utility to win your team fights.

Patch 8.8 brought with it a few AP ratio buffs to Rakan’s kit allow him to itemize a bit more offensively from the support role. But as the trend has gone, strong AP ratio supports tend to make their way to the mid lane thanks to their tendency for massive utility and Rakan is no exception.

Popularized by Perkz, Rakan is starting to catch on as a niche mid lane pick with the ability to hard-engage a team-fight with burst damage, not unlike an AP Malphite. The difference between Malphite and Rakan is that Rakan has the ability to get out and provide added utility to teammates after his initial burst.

Before bringing Rakan Mid to your games make sure you catch up on the latest runes pages for him!

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