Pre-season 9 patch brings a new Resolve rune: Shield Bash

Season 9 is just around the corner with tons of rune changes!

Season 9 will be bringing with it a number of rune changes with one of those being a potential replacement for Bone Shield: Shield Bash. *numbers subject to change

Whenever you gain a shield, while still shielded your next basic attack against a champion deals 5 – 59 (+1.5% Bonus Health) (+8.5% Shield Amount) bonus adaptive damage (minimum 4s proc window).

This looks to be a promising rune on champions who are able to reliably shield themselves during their offensive attack patterns. Let’s take a look a who this might be good on:

  • Sion: Massive health and shield scaling on [W]
  • Ornn: Spammable shield often paired with a follow-up auto for trading
  • Jarvan: Synergizes well with his dive combo and passive auto-attack
  • Tahm Kench: Tahm’s large gray health shield can offer you a large amount of offensive power
  • Nautilus: Nautilus often trades aggressively with his [W] and empowered passive auto attack
  • Urgot: Urgot’s large [W] shield will now also offer you even more offensive power
  • Viktor: Viktor, especially top lane, looks to trade early and often with [Q] spam followed by an auto
  • Udyr: Udyr’s Turtle stance shield synergizes well with the offensive power of the rune
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