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Patch 8.2

Patch 8.2 looks to equalize power among the the runes early in season 8, targeting the Resolve keystones heavily as well has a potentially major nerf in power to ranged Kleptomancy users. Get the details after the jump


Damage lowered: 40-140 (at levels 1-18)10-120 (at levels 1-18)

Health Scaling lowered: 3.5% maximum health3% maximum health

+ AD ratio added to damage: 0.15 bonus attack damage

+ AP ratio added to damage: 0.1 bonus ability power

+ Flat Resistances: 2070-120 (at levels 1-18)

Percent resistance amp: No longer increases resistances by 30%

Grasp of the Undying

+ Ranged damage and healing reduction: 50%40%

+ Ranged permanent health gain: 23


Cooldown: 45s70-40 seconds (at level 1-18)

+ Base shield: 60-150 (at level 1-18)70-150 (at level 1-18)

+ Shield AP Ratio: 0.20 ability power0.25 ability power

+ Shield Health Ratio: 10% bonus health12% bonus health

Glacial Augment

+ Melee Slow: 40-50% (at level 1-18)45-55% (at level 1-18)

+ Ranged Slow: 20-40% (at level 1-18)30-40% (at level 1-18)

+ Active Item Slow: 50%60%


Less Loot: Drop rate significantly decreased in the first 15 minutes of the game

Even Less Loot: After 15 minutes, drop rate slightly decreased for melee, significantly decreased for ranged

No more selling: Sell values about 20% lower

Coup De Grace

Damage amp lowered: 9%7%

Last Stand

Max Damage Amp Lowered: 12%11%


Kill/Assist Gold Lowered: 25 gold20 gold

Zombie Ward

Ward Duration Lowered: 180 seconds60-180 seconds (at level 1-18)

Ghost Poro

+ Vision Radius Increased: 350450

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