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Patch 7.24b

Micro-patch 7.24b is the last patch of 2017 and with it comes a few minor nerfs to the Sorcery Path including its bonus stats, Manaflow Band, and Scorch to keep them in line with other rune trees. More info on these nerfs after the jump

Sorcery Path Bonuses

SORCERY + ANY SECONDARY: 15 attack damage or 25 ability power, adaptive12 attack damage or 20 ability power, adaptive

INSPIRATION + SORCERY: 16 attack damage or 27 ability power, adaptive13 attack damage or 22 ability power, adaptive

Manaflow Band

Cooldown increased: 60 seconds75 seconds


Damage decreased: 30-60 (at levels 1-18)20-60 (at levels 1-18)

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