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Patch 7.24

Patch 7.24 is the first major balance pass at the new rune system and touches a number of of runes throughout including buffs to Fleet Feetwork and Phase Rush, nerfs to Press the Attack and Triumph and many more.

Press the Attack

Bonus damage now applied after 3rd attack instead of at the same time.

Lethal Tempo

Cooldown lowered: 10 seconds6 seconds

Fleet Footwork

Base heal increased: 5-503-60

AD ratio increased increased: 10% Bonus AD30% Bonus AD

AP ratio increased increased: 20%40%

*NEW* crit mulitplier: If you crit, Footwork’s healing is increased by 40% of your critical damage modifier


Self generation increased: 30% of healing40% of healing


Heal decreased: 15%12%

Presence of Mind

Duration increased: 5 seconds7 seconds

Coup De Grace

Damage nerfed: 10%9%

Eyeball Collection

Stacks per assist reduced: 21

Phase Rush

Slow resist: Now also grants slow resist to ranged champions


Movement Speed reduced: 4%3%

Mirror Shell

MR increased: 56


Now also increases shields and heals that are cast on the user of Revitalize


No longer increases attack range by 25

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