Nocturne with Lethal Tempo will keep your enemies up at night

Discover why Nocturne’s new Lethal Tempo rune page is causing nightmares.

In the past few days, Nocturne runes have seen a new selection by way of Lethal Tempo. Popularized by the LPL finals performance of MLXG, Lethal Tempo on Nocturne allows you to do some pretty powerful things. Let’s break down why:

  • Lethal Tempo’s 1.5 second delay synergizes incredibly well with Nocturne’s damage pattern.
  • More attacks means more damage and more Passive (Umbra Blades) healing in skirmishes.
  • The extra attack speed synergizes well with [W] Shroud of Darkness’ Attack Speed steroid.
  • Precision Primary + Alacrity makes for a faster and healthier jungle clear.
  • Allows you to take Sorcery secondary with Ultimate Hat for even more snowball potential.

The typical damage pattern for Nocturne is to open up a gank with [Q]->[E] or [R]->[E] meaning the 1.5 second delay on Lethal Tempo makes no impact on your damage output. Once your [E] has successfully feared, Lethal Tempo kicks in and allows you to output a massive amount of damage before the fear ends.

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