With Balanced Steps

  1. Offense

    +1-10% CDR

  2. Flex

    +6 Armor

  3. Defense

    +15-90 Health


Aftershock on Shen support makes him an incredibly strong threat in 2v2 lane fights where you're able to land your [E].

The bonus explosion damage, resists, and [Q] empowered autos make Shen a high damage version of Alistar.

WhyShield Bash

Shield Bash on Shen is easily proccable with [Q] and synergizes with his wanting to auto attack for the majority of his offensive damage.

WhySecond Wind

Second Wind doubles down on Shen's lane skirmishing. The mid-fight health sustain paired with your passive shield makes Shen difficult to lose a trade when a taunt is successfully landed.


Overgrowth's potential massive health scaling synergizes well with Shen's health ratios on passive shield and [E] damage.

WhyFuture’s Market

Future's Market on supports allows you to hit early game item powerspikes that much sooner on your limited gold income.

WhyMagical Footwear

Magical Footwear is a great rune choice on just about any champion largely for its raw gold value with no input. Think of it as effectively gaining a kill's worth of gold at 10min.

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