Why So Serious?

  1. Offense

    +9% Attack Speed

  2. Flex

    +5 AD or 9 AP

  3. Defense

    +6 Armor

WhyDark Harvest

Dark Harvest on Shaco allows you to heavily scale into the mid game for easy one-shot,

WhySudden Impact

Sudden Impact empowers Shaco's damage in ganks when using [Q]. He also makes great use of both the Lethality and Magic Pen thanks to his mixed damage profile.

WhyEyeball Collection

Eyeball Collection is a great rune choice on champions who rely heavily on early snowball kills and those who build Duskblade for the faster ward-sweeping stacks.

WhyRelentless Hunter

Relentless Hunt on Shaco allows you to cover more ground during the [Q] stealth so that you're able to position perfectly for the kill.

WhyAbsolute Focus

Absolute Focus on Shaco grants you the ability to quickly clear thanks to tanking from [W] boxes as well as the extra damage for ganks.

WhyGathering Storm

Gathering Storm on Shaco allows you to massive scale into the late game so that you're able to easily 1v1 and 1-shot anyone.

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