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Patch: 7.24

WhyPress the Attack

Press the Attack on Kayle allows you to massively empower your damage in long trades where you're able to get a lot of auto attacks in on your opponent.


Triumph is the best rune choice in this group. The healing on a kill lets you pop [R] when low and come out the other side healthy enough to keep fighting.

WhyLegend: Alacrity

More Attack Speed simple means more autos while [E] is up. Solid choice in all situations.

If you're playing into a number of champions will reliable hard CC, Tenacity might be a better option. here.

WhyCoup De Grace

End your enemies life as quickly as possible, especially squishies.

If playing into a number of big tanks, Cut Down is likely a better option here.

WhyManaflow Band

Manaflow Band allows you to trade with your enemy lane opponent and out-sustain them thanks to your ability to sustain mana with your cost mana-cost [W] heal.


Transcendence grants Kayle the mid-game CDR necessary to keep your [E] up at all times. The extra bit of CDR also puts your [R] on a very short cooldown.

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