We all grow up! Well, you died

Patch: 8.13


Electrocute allows you to massively burst the enemy champion with an [E]->[Q]->Auto to deal insane damage easy kill threat.

WhySudden Impact

Zoe is able to reliably proc Sudden Impact with every cast of her R], being able to keep the Magic Penetration buff up at all time in the mid to late game for even more burst damage.

WhyEyeball Collection

This setup is all about maximizing damage and snowball potential and Eyeball Collection is all about, granting you massive AP for kills and running away with the game.

WhyUltimate Hunter

More [R] casts on Zoe allows you to sync up your [Q]s to land with a well-placed [E] for 1-shot and pick potential.

WhyManaflow Band

Manaflow Band's additional mana empowers your ability to repeatedly trade and poke in lane while also helping ensure your damage output in the mid game when fishing for poke.


The massive extra Movement Speed granted from [W] will provide you with a decent amount of additional AP for follow-up damage in extended teamfights.

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