Wash the Pain Away

Patch: 8.2

WhySummon Aery

Aery allows Nami is apply a generous shield and heal her teammate with [W] during trades/fights allowing your teammate to stay healthy.

WhyManaflow Band

Nami's [W] has a high base mana cost, often starving her of mana if trading a lot. If you're casting [W] when Manaflow Band is off cooldown, your lane sustain will be massive.


The bonus Movement Speed from Celerity pays off big when you're running at an enemy champion to get into range to cast a [Q] just ahead of them.

Often you wont want the Movement Speed to position properly, but with Celerity you're much more likely to. Nami's passive also synergizes well with Celerity if you're casting [E] on yourself for trades.


Scorch allows you take take very aggressive trades early in lane and come out ahead thanks to your [W] healing and Cheap Shot damage.

WhyFont of Life

Nami is able to reliably proc Font of Life on multiple enemies with [Q], {R], and a self-cast [E]. Combined with Ardent, your AoE teamfight healing will pay off huge.


Revitalize synergizes well with Nami's high base healing on [W] as well as the extra healing from Font of Life and shielding from Aery.

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