Violence to End Violence

Patch: 8.6


Conqueror's AD steroid is fantastic for Riven as she has generous ratios across all of her abilities and the extra True Damage makes you incredibly difficult to itemize against.


Triumph's extra burst healing is fantastic for teamfights where you're able to burst the backline. The health with allow you to reset and continue dealing damage.

WhyLegend: Bloodline

Riven typically likes Lifesteal as it synergizes well with her passive and extra AD from [R] and Conqueror.

WhyCoup De Grace

Coup De Grace's execution pattern of bonus damage synergizes incredibly well with Riven [R] and can help you snowball and 1-shot backline champions.

WhyThe Ultimate Hat

More [R]s means more all-in opportunities and opportunities to snowball your way into more kills for a hard carry.


Scorch's extra bit of early game damage allows you to assert lane dominance in trades and can add up to putting your laner in kill range when you hit 6.

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