Unleash Power

  1. Offense

    +5 AD or 9 AP

  2. Flex

    +5 AD or 9 AP

  3. Defense

    +8 Magic Resist


Like Thunderlords, Electrocute is a fantastic and reliable source of damage thanks to her semi-long range abilities and auto-attack range.

WhyTaste of Blood

As Syndra you are easily able to proc Taste of Blood in lane while on the move, with [Q], without taking an damage. This easy proc helps sustain and out-trade enemies for lane dominance

WhyEyeball Collection

Eyeball Collection is the go-to rune for snowballing a lead from a kill, especially on a champion like Syndra who can take over by one-shotting an enemy squishy.

WhyRavenous Hunter

Ravenous Hunter allows you to effectively trade in lane with constant harassment damage from [Q] while healing a bit in return.

WhyBiscuit Delivery

Biscuit Delivery offers incredible lane sustain and the ability to constantly trade damage with the enemy while staying ahead of them

WhyMagical Footwear

Magical Footwear is an all-around great rune choice as the gold efficiency is equivalent to a free kill in the early game.

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