Time to Start Some Trouble

Patch: 8.2


Klepto on Ekko is relatively easy to proc thanks to the oh-hit nature of his [E]. The extra bit of gold allows you to accelerate your item power-spikes for a strong mid-game.

WhyPerfect Timing

Zhonya's is a core item on Ekko as it allows you to throw down [W] on yourself and hit the stasis to extra safety.

Perfect Timing lets you hit that Zhonya's item power-spike that much quicker than otherwise possible.

WhyMinion Dematerializer

Minion Dematerializer on Ekko help you wave-clear in the mid game so you're able to keep lane priority and match roam/fights in the jungle.

Dematerializer also when you pick up those pesky Cannon Minions that you may otherwise miss.

WhyCosmic Insight

More CDR means more spell casts, healing, and Ekko makes great use of the item CDR thanks to your build of Gunblade, Zhonya's, and Protobelt.

WhySudden Impact

Ekko is a fantastic user of Sudden Impact for the bonus Magic Penetration after hitting an enemy with [E]. The extra bit of damage can be the difference between a kill and the enemy surviving.

WhyRavenous Hunter

Ravenous Hunter empowers your ability to trade and sustain in lane thanks to the massive healing from your [Q] and passive.

A few stacks of Ravenous Hunter paired with Gunblade is a substantial amount of healing.

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