Thresh Prince

Patch: 8.4


Like Courage but with damage, Thresh can easily proc Aftershock and it adds to his kill potential if you can land the explosion.

WhyFont of Life

Font of Life is a great rune on Thresh as he has multiple tools of proccing it with [Q], [E], and [R], providing a lot of healing in lane trades and team fights.

WhyIron Skin

The Armor from Iron Skin is incredibly valuable in lane trades, especially when looking for that level 2 engage.


Unflinching allows you to stick to your target for repeated CC and disruption after flashing in for the engage.

WhyCheap Shot

Like Font of Life, Thresh has 3 ([Q], [E], and [R]) strong tools for proccing Cheap Shot empowering your lane for even more kill pressure.

WhyZombie Ward

To key to being a useful support is effective warding and Zombie Ward shines in this department.

More Loadouts

More Thresh Support Loadouts

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