Those in Glass Houses

Patch: 8.8

WhySummon Aery

Summon Aery on Taliyah is a reliable early-to-mid game damage source thanks to her ability to repeatedly proc it throught the use of [Q] spam and her reasonably lone auto attack range.

WhyManaflow Band

Manaflow Band is your replacement for Meditation for lane harass mana sustain.


Taliyah is a champion who relies heavily on her Movement Speed to re-position for [Q] and roam the side lanes with [R].

The extra bit of Movement Speed while on Worked Ground will also slightly empower your AP.


Taliyah's ability to repeatedly deal damage thanks to [Q] spam allows you to ensure you're making use of Scorch on cooldown for chip damage.

WhyMinion Dematerializer

Minion Dematerializer greatlu empowers one of Taliyah's most important aspects: Waveclearing/shoving for roams.

WhyCosmic Insight

Cosmic Insight's general utility is fantastic for Taliyah's wave-clear play-pattern and constant use of abilities.

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