They’re Not Laughing

Patch: 8.3

WhyFleet Footwork

Fleet Footwork pairs incredibly well with Jinx's natural crit build allows you to sustain in lane with short trades and position well in teamfights thanks to the burst of movement speed.


Jinx's passive synergizes incredibly well with Triumph, keeping you healthy enough after a close fight to move onto the next target.

WhyLegend: Bloodline

Bloodline further empowers your lane sustain empowering you to take short trades and heal back up afterward.

WhyCut Down

Cut Down is the most reliable form of damage amp for an AD Carry as you're not typically building any health items.


Celerity's extra bit of movement speed is a great passive stat for all AD Carries as it allows you to reposition in fights more accurately and swiftly.

The bonus Attack Damage from Movement Speed also synergizes well with Jinx's passive and Zeal stacking for even more damage.

WhyGathering Storm

AD Carries are typically the late-game insurance policy where they kick into gear and take over post 30 minutes. Gather Storm further empowers that role to help you in killing any target you set your sights on in long games.

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Phase Rush is cementing Xin Zhao as the new jungle king

Patch 8.10 saw a buff to Phase Rush and jungle duels for scuttle making Xin a powerhouse.

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