They are Obsolete

Patch: 7.22

WhySummon Aery

Aery is taken here for it's reliability and chip damage when trading with [Q].

Pay attention to it's return to you and look to proc it as often as possible with [E] poke.

WhyNullifying Orb

Nullifying Orb lets you take aggressive trades/fights into high-threat AP mages during laning phase.

If you're laning against an AD mid, The Ultimate Hat is a better option here.


In the mid to late game, Viktor has a nearly constant haste thanks to his empowered [Q]. The bonus Movement Speed from [Q] will grant you a bit of an AP steroid.


Combined with Aery, Scorch is a great rune for taking small trades and chipping away at the enemy in lane.

If you're looking for bigger damage in late game teamfights, Gathering Storm is a decent replacement.

WhyFuture’s Market

Future's Market plays a huge role in overcoming Viktor's pain points of rough buy-timings when rushing his Hex Core upgrades.

Earlier/easy upgrades means way more power in the mid-game.

WhyBiscuit Delivery

Biscuit Delivery provides a great amount of sustain during lane so you can more reliably back on better buy-timings.

If you're playing into an easier lane, you can take Perfect Timing instead to save yourself in sticky situations.

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