The Terror Beneath

Patch: 8.3

WhyPress the Attack

Rek'sai's heavily auto-attack based damage pattern and ability to auto-reset with [Q] makes her a great user of Press the Attack.

Proccing the exposure damage early in a gank will empower you and your laner's damage for a much faster and easier kill.


Triumph allows you to dive deep into the backline with an [R] and get out safely if you execute them, thanks to the massive heal from Triumph.

WhyLegend: Alacrity

More Attack Speed on Rek'Sai mean a faster Press the Attack proc and a much faster/healthier jungle clear.

WhyCoup De Grace

Coup De Grace is a well-rounded reliable damage rune in this slot and synergizes insanely well with the execution of Rek'Sai's [R].

WhyCheap Shot

Cheap Shot allows you to burst down and duel the enemy jungler after knocking them up with [W].

WhyRelentless Hunter

Relentless Hunter is excellent for traversing the map for controlling objective and getting to skirmishes.

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