Spider Queen

Patch: 8.2


Elise has a very assassain-heavy play style so Electrocute suits her well as she can quickly and easily proc it.

WhyCheap Shot

Cheap Shot allows you to follow up your [E] stun during a gank for an extra bit of True damage burst.

WhyEyeball Collection

Jungle's live and die by ward control throughout the jungle so why not be rewarded with more damage by doing so?

WhyRelentless Hunter

Relentless Hunter's Bonus Movement Speed when paired with Celerity will allow you to massively control the jungle with your extremely fast clear and ability to sprint from one side of the map to the other.


Celerity's bonus Movement Speed can play a big role in a fast jungle clear, allowing you to run around the map and make early efficient ganks.


Scorch's early game damage presence set you up for highly effect strong ganks in the early game to snowball a lead.

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