Someone’s About To Get Hurt

  1. Offense

    +9% Attack Speed

  2. Flex

    +6 Armor

  3. Defense

    +15-90 Health


Aftershock is the go-to rune on any engage tank. After jumping in with [E], the bonus Armor and MR allows your to survive the engage while sticking to your target and CCing them.

WhyFont of Life

Zac's [Q], [E], and [R] all proc Font on multiple targets allow you to prove massive healing for your entire team in teamfights.


Conditioning scales well with Aftershock, as both of them buff each other. The bonus resist from Aftershock make Conditioning stronger, and Conditioning resists after 10mins make Aftershock stronger.

All of these bonus resists scale incredibly well with Zac's massive self-healing.


Zac does a lot of natural self healing when he pick ups his bobs. Revitalize empowers your jungle clear with a much healthier first clear.

It also allows you to stay alive in fights if you're effectively picking those blobs up, especially at low health.

WhyMagical Footwear

Magical footwear's raw gold efficiency allows you to hit your 2 item power-spike just in time for mid-game teamfights.

WhyCosmic Insight

Cosmic Insight's overall effectiveness enhances your teamfighting with the extra CDR as well as granting you a few extra Smites with the summoner CDR.

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