Sentence them to Death

Patch: 8.6


Like Courage but with damage, Thresh can easily proc Aftershock and it adds to his kill potential if you can land the explosion.

WhyBone Plating

Bone Plating is a great early lane phase rune that will empower your ability to survive poke and take early game trades.

WhySecond Wind

Second Wind's mid-fight health sustain is fantastic for those early all-ins after landing a hook. The health will let you stick to the target and trade damage effectively.


Unflinching allows you to stick to your target after [E]ing them for repeated autos and the damage needed for the kill.

WhyCosmic Insight

Cosmic Insight is an all-around great rune choice as the CDR empowers your strong utility and the Summoner CDR grants you more safety an opportunity for Flash engages.

WhyBiscuit Delivery

Biscuit Delivery's sustained mid-fight healing is great for early all-ins when you land a hook and are absorbing a lot of front-line damage.

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