Scrap, Stun, and Succeed

Patch: 8.6


Like Courage of the Colossus, Sejuani can reliably proc it for the bonus defenses and extra bit of damage.

WhyFont of Life

All 4 of Sejuani's abilities can easily proc Font of Life, and because you naturally stack health the on-hit heal adds up to be considerable for fights.


Conditioning's mid-game resists make you an insane front-line tank in teamfights.


Because you naturally itemize stacking a lot of health as Sejuani, Overgrowth doubles-down on that by providing a lot of bonus scaling health based on how much health you've built.

WhyZombie Ward

Sweeping Lens and Control Wards are the mainstay of a jungler. Why not benefit by getting extra vision for yourself when you go on a ward-clearing spree.

WhyRelentless Hunter

It's important for a jungler to be able to quickly react and get to a skirmish happening anywhere on the map. Relentless Hunter gives you the Movespeed Speed necessary to get there and win.

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