Rip Them to Bits

Patch: 8.5

WhyPress the Attack

As a pseudo AD Carry jungler, Kindred is naturally able to proc the bonus damage along side their [E] for a strong bit of burst damage.


Triumph is the best rune in the group for Kindred as it pairs pretty nicely, when fighting to the death, with the last bit of healing from [R] topping you off to either escape of keep truckin'.

WhyLegend: Alacrity

As a majorly Attack Speed based champion the extra bit form Alacrity means a raw damage output and healthier jungle clear.

WhyCoup De Grace

Kindred likes to shred her targets and kill them as fast as possible. Coup De Grace is one of the more reliable damage sources in this group.

Last Stand can be a solid niche option for scenarios where you can stand in your [R] before dying but the enemy can't.

WhySudden Impact

Kindred can make good use of both the Lethality for autos and Magic Penetration for Wolf damage, when casting [Q].

WhyRelentless Hunter

Relentless Hunter is a great rune choice on any jungler, especially Kindred, as it lets you quick traverse across the jungle for a faster clear as well as get to your Mark before the enemy can.

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