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Patch: 8.7

WhySummon Aery

Aery provides Karthus with reliable and repeatable damage output. When spamming [Q] in lane the extra bit of chip damage adds up to be an important factor in bringing the enemy to kill range.

WhyThe Ultimate Hat

Karthus' [R] has a massive cooldown so every point of CDR is that much more valuable. At max stacks your ult will be up 24s sooner.


The extra bit of CDR from Transcendence allows you to opt into Magic Pen and raw AP in the mid game for more damage outout.


Karthus' consistent damage output allows you to repeatedly apply Scorch on cooldown for extra damage and kill threat when your [R] comes up.

WhyCoup De Grace

Karth can make great use of Coup De Grace, synergizing well with both is [R] for executions, and when he's in his passive form looking to finish a target.

WhyPresence of Mind

Presence of Mind's mana and [R] refund is massive for Karthus. When paired with CDR and Ultimate Hat, a few kills/assists will greatly reduce your [R] cooldown for another fight.

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