Primal Domination

Patch: 8.2

WhyPress the Attack

Press the Attack is a great replacement to Fervor for Warwack as he's able to easily proc it with an auto + [Q] + auto or [R].


Combined with the heal from your [Q] Overheal provides a stable shield to keep you healthy entering into fights from the jungle.

WhyLegend: Tenacity

As an immobile melee champion you're subject to a lot of CC. The tenacity from his rune will help you stick to your targets.

WhyCoup De Grace

Because Warwick naturally heals and builds health he gets the most damage value from Coup De Grace.


Celerity's bonus Movement Speed allows you to take over early with a quick and efficient jungle clear.


Waterwalking doubles down on your ability to take over the jungle early. The extra bit of Movement Speed paired with Celerity sets you up for an early dragon and long range [R]s while in the river.

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