Miss Fortune

Nothing but Powder Monkeys

Patch: 7.23

WhyArcane Comet

Miss Fortune Support relies heavily on her [E] in the early game, making Comet a guaranteed hit thanks to the slow. [E] spam with Comet and Cheap Shot results in fantastic lane pressure damage.

WhyManaflow Band

Manaflow Band allows you to keep up your [E] harass and poke in the laning phase without fear of running out of mana.


Celerity is a fantastic rune choice on Miss Fortune as the bonus Movement Speed from you [W] as well as Phage/Black Cleaver grant you a bit of bonus AD (AP in the early game).

WhyGathering Storm

Gathering Storm is a great rune choice for scaling into the lane game as a secondary carry. In a 30min + game where you are able to hit level 16, you're as big of a threat as any of your solo laners.

If you want to double-down on lane pressure, take Scorch here instead.

WhyCheap Shot

Cheap Shot on MF is taken as a lane harassment option as you're able to instantly proc the bonus damage easily with [E].

WhyZombie Ward

Zombie Ward is an all-around great support rune choice. It's effectiveness scales incredibly well with Sightstone and the raw number of wards you place down over the course of the game.

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