No More Running

Patch: 7.22

WhyPress the Attack

Yasuo can proc the bonus damage on Press the attack extremely quickly with a [Q] + Auto [Q] allowing you to cut down your foes.


Because this loadouts excels at killing and moving on, Triumph helps you to stay in the fight after kills and continue dealing damage.

WhyLegend: Alacrity

Naturally Yasuo love building Attack Speed. More autos means more crits which means more kills.

WhyCoup De Grace

This loadout is all about punishing weak targets swiftly and painlessly. After the kill, move on to the next target.

WhySudden Impact

Yasuo is arguably the biggest abuser of Sudden Impact. Think of it as permanent Armor Penetration on every cast of [E] .

WhyGhost Poro

Ghost poro is a great choice in assisting you to avoid early game ganks so you can scale to your kill potential.

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