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Patch: 8.4


Aftershock on Skarner jungle allows you to dive deep into a fight for a clutch [R] on an important target and get out with your health intact thanks to the bonus resists.


Demolish on Skarner allows you to snowball a successful gank with the ability to massive chunk/kill nearby turrets.


Conditioning makes you a monster in the mid-game. When paired with Aftershock you will be incredibly difficult to take down after an engage.


Unflinching's slow and CC resist can play a big part in allowing you to get to your target fo rand [R] catch and stick to them for repeated damage.

WhyThe Ultimate Hat

Skarner is all about making that clutch pick with [R] and Ultimate Hat helps ensure that you have your ult up for those key moments.


Celerity's bonus Movement Speed pairs incredibly well with Skarner's [W] speed boost for extra damage and assisting in getting to your target.

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