Metal is Perfection

Patch: 8.5

WhyFleet Footwork

The bonus Movement Speed paired with the Movement Speed from your evolved [Q] makes Viktor an incredibly slippery mid-fight mage. the extra bit of healing is also nice for sustaining in lane.

WhyPresence of Mind

Presence of Mind can help you a lot in the early game to apply pressure with poke and spell spamming after leveling up.

WhyLegend: Tenacity

None of the options here are ideal for Viktor, but the extra bit of Tenacity in nice, especially against champions who have a lot of lockdown CC.

WhyCoup De Grace

Coup De Grace is the most reliable form of damage amp for Viktor as you'll often be building a Rylai's and will have more health than the enemy AD Carry/Support.


Celerity pairs nicely with evolved [Q] and Fleet Footwork to give a ton of Movement Speed mobility.

WhyGathering Storm

Gathering Storm makes you a late game monster, able to take over with your massive AoE teamfight damage.

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