Light Them Up

  1. Offense

    +5 AD or 9 AP

  2. Flex

    +5 AD or 9 AP

  3. Defense

    +8 Magic Resist

WhyArcane Comet

Arcane Comet can be difficult to land reliably, but the root from Lux's [Q] and slow from [E] make it far easier.

WhyManaflow Band

Manaflow Band offsets some of your high mana costs and allows you to continue your lane harassment and poke during the laning phase.


Like most mages a large portion of your damage comes from spamming abilities with CDR.


Scorch is a great source of reliable lane harass damage that adds up over time to build kill pressure.

WhyPerfect Timing

Lux's biggest weakness is her lack of mobility and proneness to getting ganked. Perfect Timing cna come in clutch if used well to avoid damage on an incoming gank and will provide a reasonable gold value toward your 3rd Item Zhonya's.

WhyCosmic Insight

More cooldown reduction is nothing but pure bliss for Lux. Cosmic Insight get even more value if you build Zhonya's.

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