I’ll Pull You Apart!

  1. Offense

    +1-10% CDR

  2. Flex

    +6 Armor or 8 MR (match-up)

  3. Defense

    +15-90 Health

WhyGlacial Augment

Glacial Augment's slow is great for setting up a well-charged Q or follow-up damage while in passive form after dying.

WhyMagical Footwear

Magical Footwear's raw gold value accelerates your tank items in the mid game so that you become an unkillable machine,.

WhyBiscuit Delivery

Biscuit Delivery's missing health regen synergizes well with Sion's large health pool for massive sustain lane pressure.

WhyApproach Velocity

The extra movement speed from Approach Velocity is great when paired with Glacial Augment, allowing you to chase and stick to targets slowed from autos, [Q], and [E].


Conditioning is an incredibly strong scaling rune that can make you a late game monster tank, but if you're playing into a strong early laner take Iron Skin or Mirror Shell instead.


Overgrowth synergizes incredibly well with Sion's [W] passive allowing you to hit massive health number in the mid to late game.

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