Gotta Go Fast

Patch: 8.7


Quinn is all about assassinating and blowing up her targets with her massive burst damage and electrocute further pushes that to ensure you get the kill.

WhySudden Impact

Quinn can make great use of the bonus Lethality when using [E] to blow up her target.

WhyEyeball Collection

This build on Quinn is all about zooming around the map and picking up a ton of kills. Eyeball Collection pays off handsomely granting you plenty of damage from all of these kills.

WhyRelentless Hunter

More Movement Speed means getting back to lane quicker and putting pressure on any lane when you're not seen by the enemy vision. Roam a LOT.


Quinn is naturally a squishy top lane that relies on her ability to burst down a target. The big heal from Triumph after kill an enemy can be the difference between a 1 for 1 trade and getting out with the kill alive.

WhyCoup De Grace

Coup De Grace is a key part in helping you execute your assassination play-style so you can pick-off squishy targets.

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