Gotta Go Fast

Patch: 7.22


Predator on Quinn combined with the Movement Speed from her [R] makes her an incredibly scary threat across the entire map.

The Movement Speed also synergizes well with Celerity allowing you to open up your ganks with massive damage.

WhySudden Impact

Quinn can make great use of the bonus Lethality when using [E] to blow up her target.

WhyEyeball Collection

This build on Quinn is all about zooming around the map and picking up a ton of kills. Eyeball Collection pays off handsomely granting you plenty of damage from all of these kills.

WhyRelentless Hunter

More Movement Speed means getting back to lane quicker and putting pressure on any lane when you're not seen by the enemy vision. Roam a LOT.


This rune setup on Quinn is all about Movement Speed and getting around the map to find kills. Celerity's synergy with Predator, Relentless Hunter, and your [R] gives you a ton of AD to blow up your target.

WhyNullifying Orb

Nullifying orb is a stylistic choice here and a very flexible slot.

Take it into burst mages to save your life, but if the enemy team is heavy on AD take Waterwalking instead to further push your roaming potential.

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