Forge Fighting

Patch: 8.4


Aftershock on Ornn support is a fantastic tool for lane duels where you're able to get a 2-man knockup with [E] and stay on top of the carry.

The bonus resists allow you to take minimal damage and explosion helps secure the kill.

WhyFont of Life

Ornn can quite easily apply Font to a large number of targets in teamfights with [Q], [E], and [R]. Stacking health will provide a lot of healing to teammates.


As a top laner you'll be building a lot of Armor and Magic Resist allowing granting Conditioning a lot of value in bonus resists.


Overgrowth's health scaling makes you a strong front-line tank when paired with health stacking items such as Knight's Vow and Targon's support item.

WhyThe Ultimate Hat

Ornn support's strongest tool is his ability to engage fights often with his [R]. The more your [R] is up the more opportunity you have to find openings for your team.


Transcendence allows you to hit 40% CDR in the mid-game with just your support item, Lucidity boots, and Knight's Vow, allowing for tons of CC and damage in mid-game teamfights.

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