Echoing from the Depths

Patch: 8.11

WhyPress the Attack

Urgot is a fantastic user of Press the Attack because he is able to almost instantly proc the exposure damage with [W], allowing the rest of his follow-up damage to shred his target.


Urgot is a great lane duelist and Triumph allows you to potentially take a 1v2 against the enemy Jungler, executing the low target with [R], and moving on the kill the other.

WhyLegend: Tenacity

Hard CC is Urgot's biggest proponent holding him back from killing everyone and every thing. More Tenacity will allow you to stick to your target and execute them.

If you're playing into an abusable melee matchup, Alacrity can help you pump out more damage.

WhyCoup De Grace

Coup De Grace is a rune designed to execute, allowing you to quickly get into execution range of your [R].


The bonus Movement Speed of Celerity massively empowers your ability to dance around your target during [W] and proc every leg.

Celery also synergizes with Phage's movespeed proc granting you a little more AD.


Scorch empowers your ability to repeatedly poke with [Q] lane harass before going all-in for the execution with [W] and [R].

More Loadouts

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