Master Yi

Doubt is the Greatest Enemy

  1. Offense

    +9% Attack Speed

  2. Flex

    +5 AD or 9 AP

  3. Defense

    +6 Armor

WhyDark Harvest

Master Yi's ability to massively clear the jungle and power farm to build Dark Harvest stacks makes you a late game teamfight monster if you're able to get the reset.

WhySudden Impact

Master Yi is able to easily proc the bonus Lethality from [Q] granting you even more kill pressure.

WhyEyeball Collection

Eyeball Collection's snowballing damage potential means that if you're able to pick up a few early kills, you should be able to run away with the game.

WhyRelentless Hunter

The bonus Movement Speed from Relentless Hunter is fantastic for empowering your power farming playstyle with this setup, allowing you to clear quickly and get back out on the field after a recall.


Triumph's massive mid-fight heal after a kill means you'll be resetting and proccing your Dark Harvest stacks for a crazy amount of damage output.

WhyLegend: Alacrity

Master Yi is a natural auto-attacker and the extra bit of Attack Speed from Alacrity means a faster clear for Dark Harvest stacks and massive teamfight damage.

More Loadouts

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