Don’t Throw a Tantrum

Patch: 7.24


Aftershock is a great rune for entering a gank with [Q] providing you the resists to survive and a bonus burst of damage with the explosion.


Unflinching is a rune that synergizes well with most Junglers as smiting an enemy champion will grant you the Tenacity and Slow resist.


Conditioning on Amumu allows you to scale into the mid game as a massive tank alongside Aftershock and Overgrowth.


Overgrowth is likely the best rune in this slot primary due to Amumu's fast clear speeds and lack of major value from the other 2 options.


Transcendence is a great rune choice on Amumu as he likes to build all of the CDR tanks items, allowing him to go over cap and still make great use of the extra AP gained.

WhyThe Ultimate Hat

Amumu's [R] is the reason why you pick him. Taking the Ultimate Hat allows you to use your ult a bit more literally in small skirmishes and still have it up for big team fights.

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