Don’t Make the Yeti Angry

Patch: 7.24


Guardian on Nunu allows you to massively empower a teammate in skirmishes and teamfights when you cast [W] on them.

The shield from Guardian scales well with Nunu's large health pool and the bonus haste with [W]s Movement Speed.

WhyFont of Life

Font of Life allows you to provide considerable healing to teammates in teamfights where you're able to slow multiple targets at the same time with [E] and [R].


Conditioning allows you scale incredibly well into the mid game combined with Locket to make you a massive front-line tank.


Revitalize on Nunu empowers both the healing of your [Q] as well as the shielding of Guardian, Locket, and healing of Font of Life on teammates.


Celerity on Nunu provides a bit of Movement Speed for a faster jungle clear, as well as a bit of extra AP while [W] is on so you can chase down and finish off slowed targets.


Waterwalking on Nunu further enables you to control the river and take neutral objectives (Herald/Dragon )early and often.

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