Deep Water is Calling

Patch: 8.11


Pyke easily able to proc the extra burst damage from Electrocute with a [Q]->[E]->Auto or [R] for massive burst and setup for an [R] execution.

WhySudden Impact

Pyke benefits massively form the extra Lethality after casting [E]'s dash for extra damage and execution setup.

WhyEyeball Collection

Pyke is naturally a snowballing assassin and as such relies heavily on his ability to snowball and actively pick up kills. Eyeball allows you to further push that into a bigger lead.

WhyUltimate Hunter

More [R] casts means more kills and more gold share with your teammates so that you can easily snowball the game to a victory.

WhyBone Plating

Bone Plating allows you to mitigate a lot of incoming poke damage during laning phase as well as during an aggressive trade with [E].


Chrysalis' early health grants you a bit of extra game game damage so you can get your snowball going.

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