Cut Them Down

Patch: 7.22

WhyPress the Attack

The bonus exposure damage from Press the Attack further empowers her True Damage auto attacks and lets her deal immense damage in duels.


Overheal is a rune that synergizes well with Irelia's healing from [W] and [R] and the Life Steal from Botrk, to keep her topped off with a shield.

WhyLegend: Tenacity

Tenacity is a great stat on Irelia so she can stick to her target and continue building up auto attacks.

WhyCoup De Grace

Coup De Grace allows Irelia to continue chipping away at her target until their life bar is fully depleted.

If you're planning to duel to the death a lot, Last Stand can be a vital option to hold your ground.

WhySudden Impact

Irelia can regularly proc Sudden Impact with [Q] to sustain the Lethality buff and kill her target while you chases them down.

WhyZombie Ward

Zombie Ward is a solid vision option for further empowering the vision from your Trinket wards.

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