C’mon, Entertain Me

Patch: 8.6

WhyPress the Attack

Press the Attack on Trundle is incredibly easy to proc quickly with an Auto->[Q]->Auto for a bit of burst damage during ganks and extra follow-up damage from your teammate.


Triumph's mid-fight heal is great for sustaining incoming damage during teamfights as a front-line tank so you can continue chasing and chomping enemies.

WhyLegend: Tenacity

Trundle's biggest weakness is his ability to be easily kited with CC. The Tenacity allows you to stick to your target for repeated [Q] slows and damage.

WhyCoup De Grace

Coup De Grace's execution damage allows you to finish-off low health targets that you're able to chase and slow with [Q].

WhyBone Plating

Bone Plating's burst damage protection allows you to run head-first into a fight after placing a good [E] pillar.


Conditioning's mid-game resists make you a skirmish and teamfight monster, able to absorb and heal off a ton of incoming damage with your passive and [R].

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