Classic Misdirection

Patch: 8.11


LeBlanc's assassination playstyle synergizes perfect with the burst damage play-pattern of Electrocute, allows you to easily proc it with a [Q]->[R].

WhySudden Impact

LeBlanc makes great use of Sudden Impact, gaining bonus Magic Pen and Lethality when entering a trade/fight with [W].

WhyEyeball Collection

LeBlanc is all about kills and snowballing. Eyeball Collection is a rune that further pushes your gains for every kill/assist.

WhyUltimate Hunter

Ultimate Hunter allows you to snowball your early kills into the opportunity to pick up additional kills and roam with [R].


The added poke damage from Scorch is incredibly easy for LeBlanc thanks to point-and-click nature of [Q]. The added damage can be the difference between a kill and the enemy getting away.


Transcendence's mid-game CDR allows you to opt into a heavy AP stacking build or Magic Penetration for those big objective fights in the mid game.

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