Classic Misdirection

Patch: 8.3

WhySudden Impact

LeBlanc makes great use of Sudden Impact, gaining bonus Magic Pen and Lethality when entering a trade/fight with [W].

WhyEyeball Collection

LeBlanc is all about kills and snowballing. Eyeball Collection is a rune that further pushes your gains for every kill/assist.

WhyRavenous Hunter

LeBlanc makes great use of Spell Vamp: Gunblade + Ravenous Hunter means you'll be healing for insane amounts int eh mid to late game.

WhyThe Ultimate Hat

More [R]s means more poke, more all-ins, and more kills. LeBlanc's low cooldown on [R] allows her to full stack Ult Hat very early in the game.


Scorch's early game damage sets you up for early game kill threat and the ability to snowball.

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