Blighted Arrow Dominance

  1. Offense

    +9% Attack Speed

  2. Flex

    +5 AD or 9 AP

  3. Defense

    +6 Armor

WhyLethal Tempo

Lethal Tempo's bonus attack Speed synergizes well will Varus' passive as well as auto-attakc heavy playstyle.+


Taking Triumph lets you fight to the death and hold your group for the kill, coming out the other side with massive health to keep fighting.

If you have a reliable healing support (Soraka/Nami), Overheal can be a great alternative to for getting topped-off and entering small trades with the health advantage.

WhyLegend: Alacrity

Varus loves to attack as quickly as possible to build W stacks and BotRK damage. Alacrity double's down on that allowing you to pump out more damage.

WhyCut Down

Cut Down lets you shred tanks and junglers thanks to the fact that you won't be building any health items.

WhyAbsolute Focus

Absolute Focus gives you a considerable amount of bonus Attack Damage early in a fight so you are able to burst down the front line.

WhyGathering Storm

Gathering Storm is your late-game insurance poicy making you a hyper carry capable of shredding any target.

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