Biggest Snowball Ever!

  1. Offense

    +1-10% CDR

  2. Flex

    +6 Armor

  3. Defense

    +15-90 Health


Nunu's lack of range and easy CC requires him to get into range to deal damage and set up teammates. Predator is great for hard engaging fights.

WhyCheap Shot

Cheap Shot is great for granting you additional damage after CCing enemies with [W] and [E].

WhyZombie Ward

Zombie Ward is an all-around fantastic map control rune for junglers, allowing you to get deep vision for your team.

WhyIngenious Hunter

Ingenious Hunter is an almost must-have for anyone who takes Predator, lowering the cooldown and granting you more gank opportunities.


Celerity paired with Predator and Walkerwalking is a nice boost to your AP value for a bit of extra damage for ganks and controlling the jungle.


Waterwalking's enhance map mobility allows you to effectively counter jungle and sneak early and often dragon's with paired with your [Q].

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