Beaten By a Little Girl

Patch: 8.2


Predator on Annie makes you an incredibly scary engage tool for your team with the ability to roam to side lanes and snowball the game.

WhyCheap Shot

Annie can reliably proc Cheap Shot thanks to her stun. Once you get *Rylai's you can continuously proc the true damage with Tibber's Aura**.

WhyZombie Ward

Zombie Ward helps keep you safe in the early to mid game proving a lot of extra value for every trinket ward you place, especially in tri-brushes.

WhyIngenious Hunter

Ingenious Hunt's bonus item CDR keeps your Predator boots on a short cooldown allowing you to futher snowball the game with more roams and teamfight engages.

WhyThe Ultimate Hat

Annie is all about blowing up the enemy team with massive Tibbers ults. More [R]s also means more opportunities to take objectives with Tibbers tanking.


More CDR means more spell rotations. More spell rotations means more damage and kills.

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