Battle is in My Blood

  1. Offense

    +9% Attack Speed

  2. Flex

    +6 Armor

  3. Defense

    +15-90 Health


Predator on Volibear jungle makes your engages and ganks incredibly powerful as you're able to sprint in and easily hit your [Q] on any target.

WhyCheap Shot

Cheap Shot buffs your damage output on ganks thanks to the large AoE slow from your [E] to further amp your [W] execution damage.

WhyZombie Ward

Zombie Ward is a great rune choice on every jungler thanks to the nature of your deep warding and eard clearing throughout the map.

WhyIngenious Hunter

Ingenious Hunter helps to keep your Predator Boots on a low cooldown so that you can repeatedly gank for map pressure. It also helps keep items like Righteous Glory and Randuin's on a low cooldown.


Triumph's massive mid-fight healing when paired with your passive healing can make you incredibly difficult to take down as a front-liner, especially when executing tower dives.

WhyLegend: Alacrity

The extra bit of Attack Speed on Volibear means a quicker buildup of your [W] stacks as well as more [R] auto-attack AoE damage.

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