Another Slave to Pain

Patch: 8.2

WhyArcane Comet

Comet on Urgot pairs well with maxing [Q] first for solid lane poke and harass. The slow from [Q] makes the Comet very easy to land.

WhyManaflow Band

Manaflow Band allows you to keep your [Q] poke up during the lane until you're able to build Righteous Glory for additional mana.


Celerity's extra Movement Speed allows you to better position yourself during your [W] for passive procs.


Scorch doubles down on your ability to poke and harass in the laning phase with [Q] and Comet.


Triumph's bug heal during teamfights allows you to front-line and absorb a lot of damage while picking up assists/kills for additional fight sustain.

WhyCoup De Grace

Coup De Grace synergizes well with Urgot's natural burst potential with passive procs for quick and easy kills on squishy targets.

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