Am I Not Magnificent?

Patch: 8.8


Electrocute is relative easy to proc on Rakan with a [W]->[Q]->Protobelt granting you a massive amount of burst damage.

WhySudden Impact

Rakan can make pretty great use of Sudden Impact's empowered damage with the use of [W]. The extra Magic Pen will empower your follow-up abilities while Lethality buffs your high base AD auto attacks.

WhyEyeball Collection

In a mid-game teamfight, Rakan can pick up a large number of kills/assist allows you to snowball those into more burst damage potential.

WhyIngenious Hunter

Ingenious Hunter's extra bit of item CDR is largely used to empower your ability to wave-clear with Protobelt on cooldown.

WhyBone Plating

As Rakan you will be diving in and exposing yourself to a lot of damage without a reliable escape. The extra bit of mitigation will help you survive incoming burst.


Chrysalis allows you to take relatively aggressive trades early if you're able to land [Q] thanks to the extra health.

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