Twisted Fate

Always on the Run

Patch: 7.24

WhyArcane Comet

Locking a gold or red card with [W] effectively guarantees a hit with Comet making it one of the most reliable uses of the rune of any champion.

WhyThe Ultimate Hat

TF's map pressure from his ultimate is what makes his entire kit so strong for solo queue games. Having your [R] up more often means more pressure.

In difficult AP matchups (Syndra/LeBlanc), you can alternatively take Nullifying Orb to help survive.


Celereity grants you the movement speed needed to roam and land gold cards and while also giving you a little bit of extra AP from Ghost/Lich Bane.


Scorch is the go-to rune for lane harassment and early game pressure. A few procs of scorch in lane and you'll be primed to set up a kill with your jungler.

WhyRelentless Hunter

Movement Speed is a highly prized stat for TF. It lets him get back to lane faster and pressure the map on both sides with [R].

WhyCheap Shot

Twisted Fate is able to make use of Cheap Shot relatively easily thanks to the Stun/Slow of [W]. After landing a Gold or Red card, immediately throw out your [W] for an extra bit of true damage.

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