Twisted Fate

Always on the Run

Patch: 8.11

WhyArcane Comet

Locking a gold or red card with [W] effectively guarantees a hit with Comet making it one of the most reliable uses of the rune of any champion.

WhyNimbus Cloak

Nimbus Cloak is a decent option for chasing down escaping enemy target after a roam with [R].

In difficult AP matchups (Syndra/LeBlanc), you can alternatively take Nullifying Orb to help survive.


Celereity grants you the movement speed needed to roam and land gold cards and while also giving you a little bit of extra AP from Ghost/Lich Bane.


Scorch is the go-to rune for lane harassment and early game pressure. A few procs of scorch in lane and you'll be primed to set up a kill with your jungler.

WhyUltimate Hunter

Ultimate Hunter allows you to snowball your successful [R] roam with additional [R] CDR that can result in more roams and kills.

WhyCheap Shot

Twisted Fate is able to make use of Cheap Shot relatively easily thanks to the Stun/Slow of [W]. After landing a Gold or Red card, immediately throw out your [W] for an extra bit of true damage.

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