Dr. Mundo

Always Be Cleaving

Patch: 8.4

WhyGrasp of the Undying

Grasp allows you to heal substantially mid-fight, and thanks to Mundo's auto-attacking nature from his [E] steroid, Grasp will also provide a decent amount of extra damage.


There is some choice here between Demolish and Font of Life.

Demolish: If you're looking to split push, Demolish increases that threat dramatically allowing you to chop down towers quickly with [E]s AD steroid.

Font: If you're looking to teamfight, Font of Life provides a ton of healing for your team on targets you hit with [Q].


More often than not taking Conditioning in the jungle is incredibly valuable option as you're not pitted against a particular opponent.

If you're picking in to an almost entirely AD or AP comp, take Iron Skin or Mirror Shell here appropriately.


Mundo has an incredibly fast jungle clear and takes advantage of Overgrowth's stacking nature more abruptly.

Look to counter jungle the enemy Raptor camp often to get the most value.


Triupm's burst of mid-fight healing synergizes well with Revitalize and Mundo's item build making you a great front-line tank in teamfights.

WhyLast Stand

Last Stand synergizes well with Mundo's play-style of expending health when using abilities to further empower your damage.

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